CFI Photo - Vasin

Vasin is one of the highest achieving students at CFI. She is nine years old and started studying with CFI in October 2017. Vasin has two older brothers and is the youngest child in her family. After public school ends, she comes to the Learning Center, where she can take supplementary classes in English, computer skills, math and Khmer. This semester, Vasin’s schedule allowed her to study all four subjects at the Learning Center.

Keeping up with lessons was a big challenge for Vasin due to her many subjects at public school and at the Learning Center. But she was up to the challenge!

Dedicated to getting good grades in all her classes, Vasin borrowed textbooks and notebooks from her teachers and classmates so she could study at home. In the middle of the semester, CFI held midterm exams at the Learning Center, and Vasin achieved a perfect exam score for her computer course. She placed at the top of her class in her other classes as well.

Vasin is very happy and proud of herself. According to Chenda, the assistant school manager, the teachers were also very proud of Vasin. She is not only exceptionally smart and brave, but she also brings an incredible work ethic to her studies that shows in her results.

When asked about the future, Vasin said that she would love to be a teacher, so she can teach other people in her community and support the next generation.