Srey Mao is one of our student reporters. She is 20 years old and she studies at Kdol Don Teav High School. Her story is about the kitchen at CFI. In Khmer the word for the kitchen is the ‘pteah bai’.  This means rice house. We eat rice here with every meal. Our kitchen is not just a place to cook food, it’s also a place to eat and spend time with each other as part of the CFI family.

There are 3 support workers there, they are like mothers for us all. One of the support workers takes care of the children who play in the garden, which is located behind the center. One other support worker’s is job to help with cooking and preparing food for all children and staff. And the final support worker is the cook. She cooks food and packs them for children to bring home. At CFI we don’t have a refrigerator for food like you might have overseas.  Instead the support workers go to the market every day to get fresh meat and vegetables for us to eat.

Thank you very much to the support workers that help prepare food for for us and also thank you to CFI that made this great kitchen available.