Phanit is one of the most improved students at CFI. He is 15 years old. He studies grade 10 at Kdol high school, is​ the only child in his family and started with CFI in 2012. At the end of the school day, he attends CFI, where he takes supplementary classes. This semester, Phanit’s schedule means he studies two subjects, English and Computer.

Growing up is not easy if you surround yourself with the wrong people. Phanit had been spending time with a group of young people who encouraged him not to go to school and not study. As a result, he did not do well at public school and his attendance at CFI dropped off.

In order to support him, our Education Advocate discussed the benefits of education and how it can impact on his future. Also his teachers encouraged him to come to study everyday in order to continue the lessons. His friends also supported him during class and helped him with the lessons he missed.

Because of the warm and supportive environment helping with his study, Phanit is developing positive study behaviour. Now he comes to study at public school everyday, he’s doing great with his studying and he never misses a CFI class.His english teacher, Chenda was surprised with Phanit’s results,he moved from a student who did not come to study to the highest achieving student in the class. He never misses homework, he comes to study on time, he engages with activities in class, and he focuses on the lesson his teacher is explaining. Chenda is very proud of him.

Phanit said, he wants to say thank you to CFI for helping to change his study behaviour and move him away from his negative influences. CFI asked Phanit about his future goals and he said he wants to be a doctor because he loves to help people, especially poor families who can’t afford good healthcare.

CFI would like to thank Better Lives, without your support we could not support young people like Phanit to make such positive changes to their lives.