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Like kids everywhere, CFI students are keen to learn computing skills and to access the latest technology. 

However, while most families have a phone, many CFI students do not have access to a computer or the internet at home. In addition, Cambodian public schools are very poorly resourced and have little or no technology available for students to use. 

There are 5 Computing classes at CFI’s Learning Centre, and 37 students from grades 4 to 9  have the chance to learn a range of IT skills. After an introduction to basic computing, they then learn to use various software for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. They also learn how to use social media. 

While CFI aims to provide up-to-date technology to prepare these students for the world of further education and work, our ability to provide sufficient technology for all students and teachers is limited. 

Nevertheless, many students who’ve studied computing at CFI have continued to gain IT qualifications at university and secure employment in the field.  (see Sophannak’s story).

In Cambodia, as elsewhere, computing skills are essential to secure a good career. With improved technology, including up-to-date devices with current applications and good internet connections, they will be well placed for further education and enhanced career opportunities.

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Meet the Computer teacher


As a Computer class partner, you’ll help provide the technology and materials this class needs,

but you’ll also get involved with the students, hear about their progress,

learn about their lives, and how your support is helping them.