Visit a Khmer Class

Khmer is the national language of Cambodia, and all children learn to read and write Khmer. But unfortunately, Government research in 2018 showed 41% of 15-year-old students could not achieve even a basic level of reading comprehension. 

Poor reading and writing skills limit students’ ability to achieve in other aspects of their education and cause problems in everyday life. 

CFI’s Learning Centre provides supplementary Khmer classes so students can reach their age-appropriate milestones in reading and writing. Sixty-six children study Khmer in six classes. They follow the public school curriculum and work to catch up to their grade and age levels. 

Poor skills in their first language is a significant issue for Cambodian children. It not only limits their ability to study and learn other subjects but may also cause problems learning English and other languages. But most significantly, perhaps, it also contributes to the potential loss of Khmer culture.

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Meet the Khmer teacher


As a Khmer class partner, you’ll help provide the materials teachers and students in this class need.

You’ll also get involved with the students, hear about their progress,

learn about their lives and how your support is helping them.