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English is an important subject for Cambodian children. English language competency gives young people more options in their career choices. Cambodian public schools all teach English (from ?? age/grade), but a few of the teachers have good English skills, the level of learning is minimal.

There are 8 English classes at CFI’s Learning Centre, and 78 students from grade ?? take supplementary classes in English each week. Teachers use books, games, and other materials to help children keep up with their school work and extend their proficiency, but their materials are limited.

Many CFI students continue to study English in secondary school, then to university, and to successful careers  (see Sophannak’s story) mainly due to their English proficiency. 

CFI students are excited to improve their written and spoken English. With improved materials and resources, such as computer applications, and books, they can develop the proficiency they need for further education and enhance their career opportunities.

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As an English class partner, you’ll help provide the materials this class needs,

but you’ll also get involved with the students, hear about their progress,

learn about their lives, and how your support is helping them.

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