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Sadly, most Cambodian school children perform poorly in math. Government research in 2018 showed 90% of 15-year-old students do not reach the baseline level of performance in math. 

Poor math skills limit the potential career and life opportunities for Cambodian children. CFI’s Learning Centre offers supplementary Math classes so students can reach their age-appropriate milestones.

Sixty-six children study Math in six classes. They follow the public school curriculum and work to catch up to their grade and age levels. CFI teachers are trained in techniques often not used by public school teachers, including using materials and resources to teach math concepts. 

Many students who’ve studied Math at CFI have achieved good results in the public examinations and have continued to use their math knowledge and skills at university and in their careers.

In Cambodia, as elsewhere, basic math skills are essential for young people to function effectively and succeed in many careers. With improved materials, including computer applications, they will have significantly increased career options and lifetime opportunities.

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Meet the Math teacher


As a Math class partner, you’ll help provide the materials teachers and students need,

but you’ll also get involved with the students, hear about their progress,

learn about their lives and how your support is helping them.